At HOLON we see a world in transition and design with the emerging paradigm.

We are a Barcelona-based design firm founded in 2014 as a response of this perceived transition. We work with organisations we share purpose with. Our mission is to bring people and planet to profit in a beautiful way. If you want, you can know more about our ideology and visual universe. As a group of people, we organise following cooperative values.


Our understanding of value

Our idea of value is a very simple one: real value is value for all. Some organisations only see value in profit, others in the environment, but none of these organisations will be in business for long in a world with people. That’s why we believe that nothing can beat an integral triple bottom line. We know that is not easy, but we know how to use design to help those organisations that share our worldview to show that is profitable.





The first thing people say when we introduce ourselves is, Hol-whaat? We love that, as it give us the chance to explain our core value proposition as a design firm. In general terms, a holon is something that is simultaneously a whole and a part of something else, therefore in a relationship.

This inspires a worldview that in plain terms we see as contextual thinking: to value things for how they relate with, and what they mean for, their context. This way of looking at reality frames how we work as a design firm: we look at the user’s experience as a whole emerging  from many details, considering the relation of this experience across touchpoints and the system of stakeholders, and putting all of this in the context of sustainability.




Adrià Garcia i Mateu

Service Designer

adria @holon.cat


Elisabeth Leegwater

Design Strategist

elisabeth @holon.cat


Tania Cearreta

Service Designer

tania @holon.cat


Màrius Quintana

Product Designer

marius @holon.cat

Mercè Rua

Design Strategist

merce @holon.cat

Noelia Felip

Art Director

noe @holon.cat


We believe design is an interdisciplinary effort. If you share our purpose and vision, no matter your profile, we are always keen to get to know you and explore synergies. So if your heart is beating, drop us a line!

Advisory Board


Joan Vinyets

Innovation consultant, researcher, designer and anthropologist with more than 20 years of extensive international experience in design, consulting and training aimed at improving user experiences through a person-focused design approach. 


Tim McAloone

Professor of product/service-systems, ecodesign expert, and deeply dedicated to sustainability, Tim has over 20 years of experience in the field of design. Besides his teaching and research, he is a frequently used international keynote speaker and is also mentor for numerous innovative start-up companies.

Forever HOLONers


Ariadna Rubio

Caroline Sarcona


Nicola Montaretto