Ecodesigning the user experience

Waste Agency of Catalonia

To engage the wider ecodesign community to participate in the new Catalonia Ecodesign Award 2015, the Ministry of Territory and Sustainability of the Government of Catalonia through the Waste Agency of Catalonia together with the BCD Barcelona Design Centre invited HOLON to facilitate a workshop on the emerging practices of ecodesign.

Ecodesign’s trajectory can be traced back to end-of-pipe solutions, to raw materials and production processes, to the design of products, where the field is still mostly linked. The ongoing work of UNEP on the eco-innovation is the least example once again of the expanding nature of the field. To cope with such expansion, Catalonia’s ecodesign award given since 2001 was reviewed this year to include now more strategic considerations among other new categories.

HOLON’s approach for such occasion was to explore one of the emerging practices where design integrates environmental and social considerations alongside the economic ones, the field of service design and user experience. Traditional ecodesign approaches focused on internal and material matters of organisations; own products, raw materials and processes, and so on. Service design complements the former giving the means to focus on external and action oriented matters such as the services offered to the client and the client’s activities itself. How would you ecodesign the services that you offer and contribute to positively transform the impact of your client’s activities?

The workshop’s goal was this, to bring alive in the participants ecodesign focus’ expansion, from our own products and processes to the activities for and by the customer. This was achieved through the use of two tools: Customer Journey, bringing a frame to approach service design, and Bodystorming, as a technique to ideate in the intangible nature of service. A closing space for reflection helped to ground the learnings of the more than 70 people who joined the workshop.