Entrepreneurship in the Emerging Paradigm

European Union Key Action 2

To learn together with several organisations around Europe, HOLON is taking part within a European Union’s  Key Action 2 Program in a project to share experiences around entrepreneurship in the emerging paradigm.

To contribute with positive impact to climate and youth unemployment problems in the EU,  young entrepreneurs around the continent are building on the preceding generations’s focus of a desired future that create benefits at all levels. This intergenerational shared vision is complemented by (1) a working culture based on more participatory means like the use of digital solutions and global communication networks, (2) an agile approach that focus on experimental iteration driven by a strong vision and (3) a focus on working on real needs of people. These and other characteristics is defining an emerging practice of young entrepreneurship, an entrepreneurship in the emerging paradigm.

The project, Entrepreneurship in the Emerging Paradigm, is a strategic partnership with other seven organisations  from Liechtenstein, Austria, Denmark, Bulgaria, Netherlands, France and Germany. Together we are mapping emerging practices of entrepreneur and their stories, so to create an open repository to help entrepreneurs to learn from their peers.

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