Learning Experiences for Eco-Innovation


To simply use and communicate an eco-innovation process, HOLON is working with the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) in the ongoing Eco-Innovation Project to equip sustainability consultancy service providers from developing countries.

Since its early approaches such as cleaner production or eco-design, UNEP efforts to advance towards a resilient society have marked always a milestone in our collective environmental journey. A step forward, the UN program in partnership with the European Commission is now in the piloting phase of introducing sustainability as a strategic matter, sustainability as eco-innovation. The goal is to equip consultancy service providers from developing countries that will be helping SMEs in their respective local contexts.

To support the new strategic approach, the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Danish Technical University has been leading the design of an eco-innovation implementation process as a scientific partner. Additional materials are also going to complete the new approach. Thus, to facilitate the learning experience of the local service providers was identified as the primary need.

HOLON is working to easy the use of the materials being created in the eco-innovation project. The first phase of the collaboration was oriented to ease the understanding of the eco-innovation process. The current phase, that started early this 2016, is focused on the design of service providers’ experience using the materials in their ongoing activities with clients.

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