Mobility Based Parking


To advance its smart city services, Parkhelp partnered with HOLON to clarify insights of its emerging service market in Smart Cities and develop a strategy for service solutions.

With the majority of world’s population living in urban area and expecting to rise, cities are becoming the best local space to take initiatives that tackle global challenge. Cities, accordingly are becoming more crowded, with increasing demands of its citizens for a healthy and fluent mobility. To it, parking plays a major role in the solution to this problem, given that around 20-30% of the cars driving on a city’s streets at any given moment are looking for a parking space.


In parking, Parkhelp has been offering high quality product and technology solutions for private institution in several sectors. This expertise has served to develop product solutions that cities are demanding to fulfil increasing needs for sustainable and informed mobility. The emergent market requires to develop service strategies that incorporated current and future product offers.

Parkhelp moved for a three month residency, and together with HOLON informed the company’s service innovation strategy for Smart City. This revealed different business scenarios, and current shifting trends from ‘fine-based parking’ to a ‘mobility-based parking’. This insights where combined with an enhanced understanding of the company service portfolio and value networks among the stakeholders of the parking ecosystem. Altogether, contributed to the development of specific offerings and a new business model the company is already piloting with municipalities. 

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