Open Circular Public Services

Open Source Circular Economy Days 2015

To explore and deepen what it means for public services the emerging space between two big trends such as open source’s digital culture and an economic activity integrating natural cycles, we took part in the organisation and workshops of the Barcelona OSCE days 2015.

Two big trends are converging that not always have been aware of each other, still conditions for them to find a common ground seem to be appearing. Previous generations ambitious to strive for an economic system which also incorporates natural cycles are seeing how later movements like the hacker culture, striving for an open access to information, as their missing piece to provide a cohesive vision for a open source circular economy.

To explore what it means in practical terms, a global network of cities gathered in June holding events, and we took part as the organising team in Barcelona. We hosted the table on public services, where  we created together with the rest of participants a prototype for an OSCE kinder garden.