Prototyping a zero waste fossil free society


To contribute mainstreaming projects selected for POC21‘s innovation camp we supported the team and mentors to help projects provide the best user experience, and also created a small site capturing a visual repository of the work culture in such an event.

Many words and meetings have been held among international leaders to discuss how to tackle arguably the most exciting challenge of our times, to build a zero waste fossil free society.


To show there are already working solutions in many different domains of our lives, 100+ makers, designers, engineers, scientists and geeks gathered during 5 weeks to scale them up in an innovation camp. Under the umbrella of POC21 and in a stunning french castle 12 projects evolved in many different forms, to be finally showcasted in an touring exhibition.


We were lucky enough to support the team and mentors during the first stages of the innovation camp, bringing together with other designers there on focus that any sustainable solution will be easy to mainstream if it also based on a great user experience. We also capture the culture of the camp itself with a series of photographies in micro-site that outline work and life principles of the fossil free society. If you think this is an amazing community to support, join us and many more people as patreons!