Service Market follows Service Mindset


To grow its service market, HOLON and Danish Technical University worked with Interface to better understand company’s service activities and uncover ways to develop further a service portfolio contributing to the fully sustainable use of carpet tiles.

For many manufacturing companies like Interface, to keep leading their industries is increasingly meaning to move its activities towards traditional after-sales like maintenance, project management or take back systems. These services and related value creation activities are the result of tight competence and a growing demand from customers who just don’t want to buy a product and be left out with it. Today’s quality is determined by products which are specifically designed to be in harmony with an ecosystem of services and other offers that support the customers to achieve their goals.

For Interface services are nothing new, and service innovation is recognised as an opportunity towards Mission Zero, the company’s game-changing vision to become a zero emission carpet manufacturing company by 2020.

With this in mind, HOLON and Danish Technical University carried out a mapping resulting in a structured visualisation of offerings and the value proposition the company is providing to its customers. Thus showing current alignment of brand promise, offerings provided and sales in regards the customer journey. Based on this, several service innovation opportunities where unveiled. These are in the moment being explored.