ServLab – Fablabs for public services


To contribute to public services that are citizen and community centred we launched Servlab. The initiative focuses in HOLON’s office’s neighbourhood La Ribera as a piloting area.

There are many initiatives going on around the world opening up spaces to the co-creation of public services. The very notion of public service is dynamically evolving, if it was ever a fixed thing.

Sometimes publicly directed labs lack trust on participants’ ability to create something of truly public interest or to maintain momentum in the community. In the other hand creative communities lack sometimes resources, particular skills or the design culture to effectively create sustainable alternatives. Both the resources and a sense of public interest, and the embodiment of needs and capabilities with a strong sense of local context are capacities that are being combined already for many purpose in many cities around the world.

To create a shared space of fruitful collaboration on public services between both public institutions and creative communities is that we launched La Ribera Servlab, a space using tools and methods of service design to co-create public services, a sort of Fablab of public services. We run the first pilot in El Pou de la Figuera city centre on childcare services, a topic we identified after a research phase conducted with  neighbors and local associations.

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