At HOLON we design services that create meaningful experiences in thriving ecosystems. So far, our interventions range from developing service strategies, to empowering communities to co-design their own shared services. To get this results, we provide expertise in the following three areas: Insight, Experience and Innovation.


We generate insights to support our clients’ decision-making, building on the understanding of their users’ needs and capabilities in the context of global challenges. We encourage internal teams to join us in conducting everything from interviews or shadowing to co-design workshops, integrating user behaviour with existing quantitative research. All outcomes incorporate insights with a path forward in alignment with the organisation strategies, we are the first ones willing to see them impact reality!

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Quality is no longer determined anymore by one single product or service touchpoint, but by well orchestrated experiences provided by authentic organisations. At HOLON we design and detail customer journeys to create unique experiences, as well as the service processes, strategies and visions that set the stage for them. We support implementation by prototyping and iterating designs, minimising the turnaround time for transforming concepts into reality.


We help organisations to adapt to fast changing environments by facilitating a culture of innovation. With workshops, trainings and transformation programs we work across the organisation to build and sustain capabilities that incorporate customer-centric thinking naturally into the culture. We base our approach on creating a shared mindset, where people and their context are innovation drivers, and by promoting collaboration and visual thinking through design methods.

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Our approach

From Experience to Ecosystems

The unique experience of a person throughout the interaction with an organisation, public or private, is what ultimately defines quality today. We strive to make these experiences meaningful, and resilient the ecosystems that shape them. This drives our approach: we look at the customer’s experience as a whole emerging from many designed details, considering this experience across touchpoints and your system of stakeholders, and putting all of this in the context of global challenges.

Framed Creativity

Our work is based on collaboration and visual thinking through design tools and methods. This approach is two fold, in one hand creates a culture that is the path to creativity, a capacity accesible to everyone when some frames guide experimentation. Like performing a service in a Lego set or using prompts to gather insights with users. In the other hand, design tools and methods ease communication between us and our clients, and internally among our clients’ organisations.


To provide authentic experiences organisations need to engage far more than I+D departments or front line staff, as other parts in the organisations are also key for customer value. The necessary internal alignment demands an organisation effort, and it can be though. We are well aware of it, and sustain the impact of our design work with workshops and long term programs to ease the transformation towards a human centred organisation. They can range from customer experience trainings, to customer-centred culture audits to facilitating a new service and experience strategy.