Implementing a circular economy

Emergent strategy for a resilient and sustainable everyday


Product & service ecodesign

Helping you develop new circular offerings that your customers will love

Circular sprints

Ideating, prototyping and testing circular solutions in five days.

Strategic facilitation and co-design

Implementation of circularity from culture to operations, from policy to pilot testing.

Business model innovation

Designing circular business models for a humane and thriving economy.

Navigating complexity

In a complex and dynamic context, unexpected disturbances and forces of change have become the new normalcy. Organizations will need to be adaptive, context-aware and agile to navigate and flourish in the new landscape.

Circular economy, as a new operating system, equips organizations with improved resilency capabilities.

Why circular?

✔ Reduce operating costs
✔ Business model innovation
✔ Improved risk management
✔ Access new markets and clients

✔ Access to funding (regional and EU)
✔ Increase brand value and storytelling
✔ Access green procurement

Capabilities for flourishing

We can help you transform your organization by enhacing its capabilities for:

         🐸 Adaptive culture
         👁 Sense-making
         ☂ Anticipation
        🧪 Probing
        🗺 Wayfinding
        👁‍🗨 Narrative building

Some experiences

UN's UNEP ecoinnovation manual

Making ecoinnovation accesible to SMEs worldwide through an activity based interactive manual covering methods, tools and key learning points.

Pursuing a radically local production system

Leveraging on a growth and diversification strategy for FOS Barcelona by means of new product development, road to market acceleration and business model innovation.

Aligning business, environmental and user's need

Exploring and prototyping a new business mode with ParkHelp that opens up a space of possibilities for applying ecodesign strategies into their product.

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